A song I wrote after my first long hitch-hike trip thru France and Spain, in 1977 (yeah I know I’m old)

The above song is called ‘Roamin’ Fever. This is an instrumental version (that I recorded on Migue’s guitar when the guitar was still mine!)

  • ≈ Cien Fuegos ≈ ≈ ≈
my 1979 sigle release

This is a new recording we made in the rehearsal room (behind our drummer (Juanmi Aguado) ‘s house, a song I wrote back in 1976/77, which I released as a single in 1979, which our singer Luz wrote a completely new lyrics for, and which our bass player Juanmi Kundo recorded and mixed.

The song is now called ‘Cienfuegos’, it has always been (from its 1st English version in 1977 thru it’s 2003 Spanish incarnation ‘Superbien’ and now again, in a genius new Spanish version) about abusive relationships and you can find the new lyrics by Luz HERE.


Juanmi Aguado uses his Mapex Saturnus drum kit,
Juanmi Kundo playes his ‘Teye’ Gypsy Queen bass into his Markbass amp,
Migué plays his ‘Teye’ Super Coyote (#0000) built by Teye thru a Fulltone OCD into his Fender Deluxe Reverb amp (on the right channel)
myself (I’ve gone back to using the original -passport- spelling of Teije) am playing my 2022 Teije Alhaja guitar (built by me) thru a Klon Clone kit and my RCZ (made in Sevilla) overdrive into my Ampeg GVT-52 amp (made in Korea but extensively modded by myself to sound more like my old vintage Ampegs) (on the left channel)
Luz sings into a Shure SM58 Beta mic but she has her Voice…