Gypsy Arrow: I’ve made a few of these guitars, and Gibson has contacted me, asking me to stop building these as the model is so clearly inspired by their iconic Flying V guitar. I have agreed to their request and am no longer offering this model.

Cases: the case I found to ship my guitars in, is no longer available from Flightcase Warehouse neither direct nor through Amazon. Luckily I still have a few, but alas, the search for a sturdy case that will fit my guitars is back on.

Teye Master Guitars are guitars made by me, hand-engraved by me, and you should be careful before spending that amount of money for a ‘fake-Master’ — that is a regular Teye guitar, where someone has added or substituted a few hand-engraved plates, often not even engraved-by-me! Better safe than sorry, so contact me before purchasing!

When in doubt about a certain guitareven a little bit, contact me! Detailed photos will be useful. In general, it is not that hard to make a fake. I have known of disgruntled employees who took parts/bodies/necks and did just that So before buying ANY ‘Teye-guitar’ it is wise to contact me and I can give you full information. ‘Better safe than sorry!’ I write this because I’ve had people ask me about guitars on eBay that apparently were made of ‘left-over’ parts: something just wasn’t right, even tho it had certain characteristics.

“Dude, It’s not everyday that someone asks me to A/B a NEW GUITAR with my sweetest GOLD-TOP and… then it walks all over it” (Mark Taylor, vintage guitar dealer from Nashville TN)

“Most people are perfectly happy with a nice poster. Other people prefer to have the ORIGINAL ART…”




The Teye Master instruments are befitting a Maharadja, a Sultan, a King. These MASTER GUITARS represent the ultimate in Teye’s guitar construction, and they reside at the top of the boutique guitar market.”

The Teye-Masters are the real actual Teye-guitars, where Teye himself builds and fine-tunes every single one of his specs by hand until it all truly pleases him. Of course, these are also his hand-engraved Works of Art that made him famous in the first place.