For me it has always been about the guitars and never about the circumstances. I made my first few guitars only for myself, and I guess this is the usual way of becoming a builder, or even a brand. A certain unhappiness with what is commercially available leads to an instrument that inspires not only the maker, but also other people who order one for themselves.
On this page you can see me at work in less than stellar surroundings, creating the most incredible guitars.

And HERE a page where you see more of the madness in my different shops thru the years.

Then, in early 2008, I moved to an enormous house on 5 acres of land between Manor and the lake, just East of Austin, and, installed a large Mobile Home there to be the new Team-Teye shop. For the next decade, we made some spectacular instruments there, both production guitars and Masters.

Finally, in 2016, Teye-Guitars Incorporated moved production to Nashville (Tennessee) and I made Master guitars in Sevilla (Spain)

Moving the production facility to Nashville freed me up personally to pursue my dream of re-uniting and being with my wife and my two children, who were living in Sevilla, Spain. I found and rented a space underneath our apartment and installed a shop there. Now Sevilla is a very beautiful and inspiring city (see the Dremel video below) and I can often be found early mornings on my bicycle, sketch pad in hand, soaking up the beauty and the inspiration and quickly jotting down ideas…

And then we moved to a house in the countryside, with a cottage next to it where -you guessed it- I made my workshop, where I now make my Master instruments.