Over the years I have received requests to make a personalized, hand engraved rear plate for owners of Teye guitars that wanted to transform their instruments into the even-more special realm, or in some cases into heirloom quality instruments.

One such customer, a gentleman who had made a life-changing sail voyage, setting off from Hawai and sailing to Japan, asked me to propose an engraved rear plate celebrating that trip. What a beautiful honor! The gentleman was extremely pleased with the result, and it is to this date one of my great prides!

Another time, a gentleman from Irish descent commissioned me to make a rear plate centered around the mythical animal the Griffin, part eagle part lion, and to incorporate his family coat of arms, and the motto “Malo Mori, Quam Foedari” (Death before dishonor) and again, the result was met with enthusiasm.

I’ve engraved many other plates with specific themes requested by the customer. A few examples:

The Tower of Babel, for Rich Robinson. You will see that the outline is adorned with fonts and symbols originating in dozens of written languages from all over the world, in accordance with the biblical theme.

Or the rear plate with his motto “Me Paetinet” with lions and many latin coins, for a friend in Austin:

Or the plate for my friend Erick in the Netherlands:

So why not change YOUR guitar too? Please contact me at teye@teye-master.com and we can get started! Let’s make your Teye guitar or bass a truly made-to-fit one of a kind…

Price: also depending on how elaborate and personalized you want it, a rear plate for an Electric Gypsy is between $2500 and 3500. You also can buy a Teye ad on eBay (50c) and get a 10% off coupon… It’s TRUE!

PRICES can be found HERE