Why not let these Master guitars speak for themselves:

One glance says: —> Old-World Works of ART

Most people are perfectly happy with a nice poster on the wall, others display
real, ORIGINAL ART and enhance their lives with sheer beauty.

And then, the Teye Master guitars, the ones that Teye makes himself, are of such an exceptional soulful quality, that they routinely win direct A/B comparisons with the most prized vintage treasure instruments. You say “Truly?”
  • ->”Dude, it’s not everyday that someone asks me to A/B a NEW guitar with my SWEETEST GOLD-TOP….And then it walks all over it!” (Mark Taylor, vintage guitar dealer in Nashville, Tennessee)
  • ->”Teye has re-defined what is possible with a custom-made-guitar” (Rich Robinson, Black Crowes)
  • –>”This is as close to what I’ve been trying to do as I’ve seen” (Mr. Les Paul)
  • –>“YOU made this? You will be making MANY more guitars, my friend!” (Paul Reed Smith)
  • “Although I tried, I could not coax an unlikable sound from the Teye” (Premier Guitar Magazine)
  • “The Teye is one of those guitars that really could do everything for you. So if it’s a bit out of your budget, fear not, because if you cave in and purchase one, it’ll likely be the only guitar you’ll need for a long, long time.” (Guitar Player Magazine)
  • ”An altogether Impressive Achievement of Guitar Craftsmanship (Vintage Guitar Magazine)