I received the Super Coyote yesterday afternoon and this morning I unpacked the guitar.
In the peace and calm of morning I took my time to look the guitar over, handle it, tune it up and play it. I am writing you this afternoon because I wanted to share my impressions of the guitar with you. A fine guitar is like a fine woman insofar as there needs to be some chemistry between you and her when you first see her. The Super Coyote did not disappoint!! I opened the case and the guitar’s beauty was very subtle and understated! Not all gaudy, glossy and bathed in nitro lacquer but a beautiful hand-rubbed finish. This is one classy looking guitar that is distinguished by the appearance of hand crafted artisan-ship!  The fretboard has a beautiful, figured ebony that is unequaled by any other guitar builder that I am familiar with. The engraved plates are also beautiful and distinguished by the Teye name. The finish quality and appearance is over the top and leaves you gazing at the beauty of the wood! Now, picking the guitar up from the case and holding her on your knee. The guitar has a satin smooth feel to it and it is very light. My hand fit around the neck of the guitar like it was custom built just for me! My first impression of any guitar is that of it’s acoustic qualities. So, I began tuning her up and WOW!  There is so much resonance in the neck and body that it is just crazy. Bringing the strings up to pitch, I could feel the resonance in my upper arm, finger-tips and even against my rib when I tuned the G string! Next I hit a few open chords and WOW…what acoustic presence, projection and resonance! This guitar has a huge sound even unplugged! The guitar even sustained during string bends when played acoustically – very impressive! So, I plugged her in and played for well over an hour even though I thought I had only played the guitar for about 15 minutes. There is so much soul to this guitar! There is a great deal of depth, dimension and versatility as well. The tone is so warm and soulful that it gives you chills but yet it has the strength to cut right through a horn section. The new MOJO circuitry is much more powerful than the previous Mood circuitry and accentuates the attributes of the circuitry in a way that the Mood never could. In other words the MOJO gets the job done!
In closing, I want to say that this guitar once again captures the passion that I had for the original Teye guitars. I loved those guitars from the day that I first saw and played them. They were beautiful, hand crafted instruments that had the voice and heart of an angel! This Super Coyote is once again, that kind of guitar!
A heart-felt thank you for giving Janine and I the opportunity to once again represent the Teye line and sincere appreciation for bringing the greatness of the Teye guitar back into the marketplace.
Jim and Janine
Route 66 Classic Guitars




I bet you guys are busy as it gets. Just wanted to let you know that the Scallywag passed the live gig test with flying colors. The guitar did not take very long to “break in” (much less time that a Gibson)
Feels great, and cuts right through. Ballsy and precise. Not and easy combination to achieve.  I am reminded how lucky I am to have guitars such as these, every time a pick up any other guitar. I am still amazed.

Thanks !!!!!!!


Do not let their striking appearance or versatility allow you to think of Teye guitars as gimmicky in any way. Their heart, soul, and backbone are all of world-class playing and sounding caliber. And that’s where the real beauty of Teye guitars lies.


Hey Teye
Hope all is well. I’m sure no one else will understand so here goes…
My perla is magnificent. It has a brightness and attract that separates it from other models.
Even when a good amount of crunch is present each note is defined balanced and isolated.
My band mates have said my playing is improving, and I must be shedding.
Lol.. Not true. They hear subtlety in my playing that was not audible before.
Every effort that goes into playing this monster comes out the speakers. Even on the shite peavey amp I play at rehearsal. Truly amazing. As different as it is similar to my other Teye guitar treasures. Holy Toledo.

Mike Rock
Senior Buyer
Vintage and Used Product Specialist
Sam Ash Music



Hello Evert,
I am in no way an adequate enough wordsmith to express my astonishment at the impeccable visual and auditory qualities of the El Toro that I received from you on Thursday. Everything about this amazing instrument is truly breathtaking. As a carpenter’s son, my appreciation for both the tone and feel of the Toro is boundless. As a player who has owned many extremely high quality instruments over the last 35 years, I can only say I have found the one that tops them all. I know I will be learning many new things every day about how to coax more incredible sounds out of this luxurious tone monster. A guitar such as this will continue to inspire new avenues of creativity for any player. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and all of the folks at your outstanding organization. Please give my humble thanks to Teye for designing and continually working to improve a truly amazing performance tool and to the entire staff at Teye Guitars for their combined efforts in producing a magnificent product. And my thanks to you for helping to make the entire experience of acquiring my Toro a pleasurable one. You all have much to be proud of.
Many thanks and best regards,

Vern  Miller