(Teye’s response to a customer’s email – see below)

“Hello (name removed)

yeah YOU ended up with what I thought was my favorite of the entire bunch!

Well, I will tell you, on the original Coyote I had some very stiff guidelines financially: one of the reasons I went with the DiMarzios. The Lollars to my ears always sounded just that tad better that we guitarists always drool over. And the MOJO is such a jump forward. With the Mood, in a controlled situation you could always work miracles, but live, when the desire to cut through the band always made me turn up a little more than the amp could still handle while staying clear, I many times wish that I could turn that Mood-knob down ‘past zero’ into an imaginary minus-range of the pot. This was my desire to fix. In the process, the Mood-knob got more musical, a little sweeter on it’s entire range. The difference on the humbucker guitars is… well I’m raving over it.

As is always the case with my experimenting, I live in this dream world unencumbered by practicalities. So when it came to fitting all of it under one knob, …the cruel practical world did not have the parts I needed so that I had to find people to make them especially for me… Which after quite a bit of research and convincing actually worked…

Another thing on the original Coyote that I always thought could use refinement were the front and headstock plates and for sure the graphics which I thought were a bit rushed, and then the plain-looking tailpiece cover and pickup rings… Always on a time restraint. Deadlines – the enemy of creativity? Or actually conductive, but then you need more time still?

Same with the Dragon. I really think the extra time I took last summer and fall have more than paid off.”

(link to old and new Dragons)


Hello, I hope you're having a nice holiday season. Up here in the north the gloominess is getting old!

I've been loving my NAMM prototype Coyote, and am very appreciative of your help when I was considering getting it. I just read on your new site how you've been working on new designs and that you feel you've improved on the Mood knob. If I hadn't watched your video demonstrations and conversed with you via email I'd think you were crazy to think you could make it better. Knowing your skill though I guess it's possible you might have actually improved upon something I don't think anyone thought needed improving... will you be making a video demonstration of the new circuitry?

Your site mentions the possibility of upgrading a Coyote to the new "Super" specs... and then you also throw in the possibility of a deal for the dragon plate... I'm very interested but I guess I'm just hesitant because my guitar is friggin' awesome the way it is. If you're saying you can through some wizardry make it even cooler... let me know what I have to do :-)

Happy New Year!
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