This is a quick & dirty mixdown of the instrumental track to a new song I recorded with my band, using a Super Coyote for all the parts.

No trickery – no tweaking of the amp or extensive EQ on the guitar channels, only tweaked the guitar while amp and channel settings are the same for all four guitar parts. No pedals either- just using the guitar’s volumes to go from clean to dirty…

This is where you can clearly hear the MOJO control at work. For those of you who are familiar with the Mood-knob, you can hear the MOJO be more musical and even more effective (and it wasn’t even all the way down on those ‘Leo-y’ parts…)

  • First two guitar parts: neck pickup: volume 4; tone 10; MOJO 3
  • rhythm guitar with edge: bridge pickup: volume 4; tone 10; MOJO 10
  • sketch of a solo: bridge pickup: everything on 10

It felt as if I had a LP Junior, a Telle, a Strato, and a big fat sick LP Custom all at the tips of my fingers, by twisting MOJO and Volume knobs…