La Llama is the Spanish word for ‘flame’ and that is more than fitting for this design. A maple cap inlaid into the Korina body. All metal hand-engraved by myself. Luscious playability combined with striking and highly original looks. A great way to describe the Teye-guitar in general…
Tone is assured by the internal construction, the superior proprietary hardware, my New Electronics with the now infamous MOJO-circuitry. Custom Jason Lollar pickups, with my new Master-style knobs, switch tip and tuner buttons. This guitar is actually a Original A-series, that I built for myself to replace my first La Llama which business partner Evert sold (…!) so she’s had the old black plastic control knobs, then the proprietory ‘bald’ knobs, and then when I had them in, my new Master knobs. Likewise she at first (in January 2010) had my original switching, and in early 2011 I put the (then-) new switching in (incl. the Peter Green option) and still later, when I experienced how superior tha new MOJO was to the old Mood, I installed that too, along with the complete New Wiring. Well she has been completely updated and equipped as a Master, and this is why I list her here.

Although the pictured guitar is from 2010 and has been used heavily, she remains the stunner, proving that Teye-guitars effortlessly retain their looks through the years. This is a guitar that I built for myself and I’ve used it and used it and used it…






(Mick Taylor of the Stones playing his La Llama)