I, Teye, am gone from ‘Teyeguitars’.



1st WARNING! I have seen EXPENSIVE ‘TEYE’ MASTERS for sale that are simply re-labeled production guitars!

Teye Master Guitars have a different COA with a different signature.

Beware of buying a very expensive ‘Teye-Master’ that is simply a re-labeled factory/production-Teye! contact me if you have even the slightest sliver of a doubt! We are nowadays talking big amounts of money, and I’m still alive to provide you with information. So BEFORE buying what is advertized as a ‘Teye Master guitar’, contact me!

I am Teije Wijnterp, and am the only one that can give you full info on ANY ‘Teye-Master guitar! So contact me before buying anything at all!

2nd WARNING! Guitars labeled as having JU-JU circuits that actually have a re-labled MOJO-circuit!

And oh yeah I’ve also learned much about guitar making. I am applying these guitar building lessons to my new guitars and they sound much better thanks to it.