I, Teye, am gone from ‘Teyeguitars’.



1st WARNING! EXPENSIVE ‘TEYE’ MASTERS that are simply re-labeled production guitars!

Teye Master Guitars have a different COA with a different signature.

Beware of buying a very expensive ‘Teye-Master’ that is simply a re-labeled factory/production-Teye! contact me if you have even the slightest sliver of a doubt! We are nowadays talking big amounts of money, and I’m still alive to provide you with information. So BEFORE buying what is advertized as a ‘Teye Master guitar’, contact me!

I am Teije Wijnterp, and am the only one that can give you full info on ANY ‘Teye-Master guitar! So contact me before buying anything at all!

2nd WARNING! Guitars labeled as having JU-JU circuits that actually have a re-labled MOJO-circuit!

I have learned much over the course of the past few years – about how ‘friends’ can turn on you, steal you blind (I TRUSTED him because, well, friends…

And oh yeah I’ve also learned much about guitar making. I am applying these guitar building lessons to my new guitars and they sound much better thanks to it.

We all know that emulation is the highest form of flattery, we all also know that it’s not that hard to make a fake (anybrand) guitar. I have seen with my own eyes guitars labeled ‘Teye’-guitars, that were built by ex-employees, by disgruntled employees, from some salvaged and/or stolen parts and again, it is not that hard to fake one. There is even an ex-employee that has been freely passing out copies of my old Mood schematic. I’m sure if he had had access to the MOJO or the JuJu, he would have distributed that too, just because. To me, ‘Mood’, ‘MOJO’, ‘JuJu’, it’s all water under the bridge. I recently designed a new filter for a customer for his Gretsch guitar, and THAT is the best filter I have so far made! It easily tops Mood, MOJO, AND JuJu! I’ve equipped all my personal guitars with it.

‘Mood – circuit’ was a good beginning (also very easy and VERY fast to make: one off-the-shelf pot with 5 small parts soldered to it…;

Then, with the ‘MOJO’ I fixed the main shortcomings of the Mood by adding a complete new filter circuit that I found on-line complete with part numbers…

Then the ‘JuJu’ was a new way of doing things and it fixed the one gripe I still had with the MOJO… I like the JuJu way better than either Mood or MOJO! But the JuJu is simply waaay too big, and way too time-consuming to build, BTW don’t be fooled, nobody but me has that schematic so I’m the only one who can make it, and I’m never going to make another JuJu in my life! I know exactly which guitars have a JuJu (not many, and certainly none of the production guitars)

So then I was hired to design a new filter for that customer’s Gretsch guitar. So I had to start from scratch. Now, we all know you need capacitors, resistors, inductors, and a pot to build any filter at all, so the basic ingredients are still those. But I’m really proud of this new filter: a better sounding result with about half the work and half the size! I will be equipping my new guitars with this filter, or a combination.
NONE of this is difficult. OR rocket science! Just like a Fender and a Marshall amplifier use exactly the same kind of components. Or Shakespeare uses the same alphabet as does Stephen King for example… Just because a guitar SAYS JuJu on it, does not mean it is actually equipped with one!

—> So basically I am warning all potential customers:
Before you buy ANY (I repeat, ANY) Teye guitar, contact me, with serial number and a few photos and I will gladly provide you with information. The old adagio is still true: “Better to be safe than sorry!”