MOJO versus Teye’s earlier Mood circuit demo

How can you tell if the circuit is ‘Mood’ or ‘MOJO’? Roll the Mood/MOJO knob to full open. If there is a gentle ‘click’ between 9 and 10, it is the MOJO.

In the summer of 2014 I had a good amount of time to re-think my way of doing things. The very first prototype of my infamous Mood-knob is now 10 years old. Good as it works, it is not the place where I want to stop.

Coming in from a fresh angle, I applied more 1930’s Hi-fi knowledge to my beloved guitar. My father built tube-amps in the 1930’s and in 1975-76 he made a guitar amp for me from scratch, just for kicks, then together we made a Dan Armstrong plexi guitar copy in 1981. Some of his knowledge must have rubbed off…


This new MOJO-control requires parts made especially for me, and I want to thank the manufacturers of those parts for their flexibility and their patience with my quirks. One of these parts is a compound potentiometer that actually clicks itself very gently out of the circuit when going from 9.5 to 10…

I want to dedicate this control and the corresponding circuitry to my father, who as an inventor has left awfully big shoes to fill… I hope he’s somewhere bragging to Les Paul about it. Les was impressed with my guitar and the Mood knob and somehow I envision the two of them discussing the finer points somewhere in Greener Pastures…

HEAR the MOJO-control at work