In late December of 2009, I started building a double-neck, just for experimental reasons (and fun)

The resulting guitar did not weigh more than the average (single neck) S-series and played like a dream. A full-fledged 3-pickup Electric Gypsy on the bottom, with 25.5” scale length same as all the others, combined with a 24.75 scale length on the 2-pickup 12-string, with a more jangly tailpiece. Both body and headstocks were amply chambered, resulting in a very light and resonant double-neck instrument. The on/off push-buttons for each neck are located at your fingertips on the other neck… so that you can play the 12, switch on the 6, change hands to the 6, and switch off the 12, all without the usual switching pause. Yes, push-buttons, so that you will not un-wantingly flip a switch in the playing motions. On top of that, with the lower push-button in the ‘off’ position, the middle push-button now also assumes neck-change-duties.

Two Volume controls for the 3-pickup six string; one Master volume for the 12-string; a Master Tone and Master Mood-knob for all.

The guitar attracted a lot of attention at subsequent guitar shows… A true work of Art, playableArt.

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I originally built her for myself but then customer and friend Cal bought her and asked for a dragon…


Mini-push-switches with hand-made aluminum buttons for neck selection/combination.




To further alleviate the weight and neck-dive: chambered headstocks and wooden tuner buttons.