The famous ‘V’ shaped guitars have always fascinated me. Both my heroes Jimi and Keith used them, as did Chris Spedding. But whenever I played one myself, or looked at one close-up, what bothered me were the straight lines, there was no ‘feminine charm’ to be found on this guitar, anywhere. a battle tank or a freight lorry, next to a Lamborghini or Jaguar E-type! I had two ‘V-shape guitars’, Gibsons, a 1973 white one and a black 1992 Gibson Jimi Hendrix re-issueLike that I made a new scratch-plate for, to break the over-abundance of straight lines… What I noticed was that the large slabs of wood of the two ‘legs’ actually added resonance to the instrument. You could fel this clearly while playing, or by touching them while strumming! So once I was well underway building my own guitars, I thought ‘Why not make a ‘V-shaped’-guitar that IS more feminine and graceful?! It took a long time to come up with something that still had the ‘rocket’ ‘arrow’ shape, but with sleeker lines of a ‘real’ guitar, a lady. One morning I woke up from a dream in which our endorsee Angel Mary was actually playing the guitar model I had been toying with in my head,

Angel Mary (of the Tennessee Werewolves) posing here with her Teye Super Coyote

In my dream she struck a trademark pose of hers and all of a sudden I saw clearly what I had to change to make this work! I quickly got up and sat down to draw that mental image before it would fade away in coffee, kids to school etc (AKA Life)

When I showed early work progress to a colleague and friend she said, looking at the weird not-straight ‘V-shape’: “But… Those are HIPS!” Correct, and, mission accomplished! Correct, Kelli! Finally, a female Arrow.

Weeks later I had the guitar built and just to check the resonance I put a tail a bridge, tuners, and stings on. All my theories and thoughts were immedately proven: this naked guitar rang out like a bell! I just got her ready in time for our big show in the park in Austin, Texas! As a matter of fact, minutes before driving to the show I was still filing the nut slots! I played the show with bone dust on the fingerboard… I plugged her in in my vintage Ampeg tube amps and my band members joined me in exclaiming: “WHAT is THAT?” She sounded so glorious!

Pictures of that first show in the Park in Austin, my Texas band “The Barbarians of Sevilla’!:

Here some videos with my Spanish Band ‘Rattlesnake’