Since 2009, I’d made a one-pickup T-Series guitar called the ‘La Pirata’ (a pirate has -as per stereotype- one hand, one leg, one eye, and in my little world one pickup) and then I built one with all skulls pistols and daggers and my buddy bassist Bruce called it the Scallywag.

So then I got inspired to make a 5-string version of this Scallywag, a la Keith Richards who extensively uses this tuning since Ry Cooder showed him the basics when he was recording fantastic guitar for Mick Jagger’s Memo from Turner. The first song Keith recorded playing that tuning, his now famous and trademark 5-string G-tuning is also the song where he and new guitarist Mick Taylor presented their co-play to the public for the first time. It was released in June of 1969, and I was sitting in the family car together with my father and this is the moment that I remember vividly that my plans of a serious law- or technical-career evaporated and my dreams of a career in music were born. Keith and Mick T 1969: Honky Tonk Women. The very moment when both my father and I changed from that sixties: “Are you for the Beatles or?” to “We are for the Stones”.

So the 5-string Scallywag has a barrage of homages engraved all over it.

The Dragon shoots flames, and Keith ever the gentleman, leans in and kindly asks: “Got a light?”