The Story of Teye’s (infamous) all-passive on-board guitar-filters:

1) The MOOD Filter

A great and useful filter for which I got many compliments and great reviews.

2) The MOJO

(The MOJO was filtering much much deeper and sweeter and more musical. I made some other changes to the circuit too and then installed the entire new 2014 circuit inside my own personal La Llama guitar. Amazing!)

3) And now: The Ju-Ju Command

And then I re-designed the whole lot again! And this, the v3 is much much better. In the words of a virtuoso customer: “It captures even better the entire spectrum from SC to HB. Sometimes my La Llama sounds just like a Telecaster, and then a small tweak to the control, makes it completely different again!”


The fouble-edecked Ju-Ju circuitry
right before it goes into the 2 glued-together caps
The highly confusing stacked PCB’s of the Ju-Ju-Command. Almost like 3D Chess (soldering)
Hand-made by me anyone? It’s all part of my quest for what my guitars should be capable of
Left (the green cap) the MOJO circuit / Right (the two yellow caps with pink tape around them) the finished Ju-Ju circuit. An easy drop-in replacement. Some soldering is required. Both MOJO and JU-JU are ‘black-boxed’

I’m now offering the Ju-Ju-Command as a DROP-IN REPLACEMENT upgrade for both the Mood and the MOJO-circuits.
The price will be $500 incl shipping, Please contact us at if you are interested. It comes with an already connected and specially adapted-for-me potentiometer and full instructions. (You’re gonna have to either de-solder or cut some 6 wires and re-solder 6 others in their place)