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The customer has two excellent options. Of course a case that would come ‘free’ with a guitar is just to get the guitar safely from my shop to your hands.

Why not have your guitar from the start live inside a fantastic case that was specially made to fit?! And I am proud to offer two such cases:

1: The Calton serious case:

I have traveled the world for decades as a fully professional touring guitarist and I know a thing or two about guitar cases. And there is one case to rule them all: the Calton custom fiberglass case, It has but two drawbacks: it’s heavy, and it’s expensive.

I offer this sublime protector for an added US$ 1500.

Stronger than an also-fiberglass Chevrolet Corvette

When I was touring I used a Calton for my precious and fragile flamenco guitars. The case survived years no decades of rough handling, falls down train station concrete stairs, and bagage hold transport/conveyor belt delivery to airport carrousels. I still use it today. From personal experience, the Calton does survive while protecting its precious content, and it’s a lot less bulky than the also-bullet-proof wood-and-steel flight case.

IMHO: Well Worth the Money!

Sumptuous and luxurious for the guitar inside

2: a Gorgeous Bellucci Hand-Tooled Leather Case

I recently came across this work of Art, that IMHO is ideal for the player who does not travel the world as a professional performer but that loves beautiful works of Art! The case is more than sturdy, and inspires awe even before opening it! This case is available also custom-hand-made to fit your Teye guitar, at an additional US $ 600.

Beautiful hand-tooled Leather
The interior will be custom-fit to the guitar.
Available also with metal latch-type locks.