situation changed

In late 2020 I was ‘removed’ from my old job in the ‘Kompany’. I have since then been operating independently, building guitars in my shop here in Sevilla.

Better Guitars

I have made significant improvements to the ‘resonance generator’, the playability and to the circuitry of my guitars, basically making a better guitar. Also, due to my not having access to the big CNC-machines of the Nashville shop, I’ve been doing the work again by hand, which …is a bit of a chore… but very rewarding in both actions and result.

‘Teye guitars vs ‘Teye-guitars’

In the guitar-maker-oriented world where I come from, a so-and-so guitar means a guitar MADE BY so-and-so. I’ve had guitars made by Tony Zemaitis (a sharp contrast with the brand the Japanese have made it) by Ted Newman Jones III, Manuel Reyes, Manuel Contreras, Gerundino Fernandez, Lester Devoe, and these were all a world away from the factory guitars I have had (among which a real 1957 Gibson Les Paul Gold-Top) When I spoke to Mr. Les Paul in 2005, he showed me some modifications that he did on his own ‘production’ Gibson Les Paul guitars)

My name is Teye, I’ve had many shows, many recording sessions, many radio- and TV appearances under that name, and then I designed, modified, ‘invented’ every single aspect of the what is now being made as ‘Teye-guitar’ in a production-facility in Nashville, by ‘hand-assembling’ carefully CNC-, waterjet-, and laser-cut parts. The extensive ‘hand massaging of each and every part is thus kept to an absolute minimum. Whereas hand-massaging is the fun, and the focus, the ART if you will, of actually building, or crafting a guitar! Sure Robots and CNC’s can do the job. Just like a computer can play better piano. Or can it?

Confession: I still play my guitar parts on records and videos and demos myself (altho I’m nowhere near the guitar player I used to be) And – for those who appreciate ‘Made by hand’, here are some recent pictures from my shop: